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Extended Life Batteries

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What are extended life batteries?

These extended life batteries are born with high capacity and recharging cycles. Thanks to such specifications in output wattage, not only laptop battery life can last longer but it will also charger faster. For some urgent situations, such as emergency meeting or business trip, they are absolutely powerful enough to be charged to a certain value in a short time. Thanks to high capacity, even if the battery hasn't been fully charged, the standby time is usually long enough mostly.

Extended life batteries are passed strict examinations and approvals and they are all of security and stable performance. Installed with lithium-ion cells of high energy density, the laptop battery will have better durability and other performance characteristics with good electrochemical properties.

How to Extend Laptop Battery Life?

Besides to the problem of quality, some usage methods as blew are also efficient to improve laptop battery life.

Have physical examination regularly. Prevention is better than cure. It can help us to avoid accidents through the signs of potential hazards.

Remove external devices if possible.

Try to avoid using RAM, disk drive or processing power when there's no charger plugged.

Unplug external devices such as a USB mouse or an external drive when they are not in use.

Disable unused ports and components, such as VGA, Ethernet, PCMCIA, USB, and so on, which can be completed through the device manager or configuring separated hardware profile.

Turn off some useless programs and functions.

Switch off the wireless card if you do not plan to access your network or Internet connection.

Turn the volume level dow, or mute it if you are not going to use it.

Reduce the LCD brightness level. If you use your laptop outside on a sunny day, two or three bars are large enough.

Disable Bluetooth. After turning off these programs, you can safely avoid draining the batteries and extend laptop battery life.

Reserve some power energy inside. If leave your fully charged battery unused for 2 weeks of more after you last charged it, you may discover it is empty. Recharge the batteries is reasonable rather than using up, if you plan not to use it for periods. It continues to drain power energy to go before you open the cover again.

Avoid extreme situations and keep your laptop battery clean. Batteries rely on basic chemistry and will die faster at extreme temperatures. Try to charge and use the battery under room temperatures. Clean the battery interface with rubbing alcohol on a damp cloth to increase the energy efficiency. Use a cooling pad when using a notebook computer on your laptop.

Activate to extend laptop battery life. At first use, even if it can work normally, activation is necessary to extend internal capacity effecitively for better performance. In daily use,

Keep your laptop computer working in energy-saving mode and take use of battery management system. Use the battery management system built in your computer. On Windows, click "Power Options" in your control panel and look for "Energy Saver" in System Preferences. In addition, some external software is also effective to maintain extended life batteries


Extended Life Batteries