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Toshiba Laptop Battery pa2487ur-g for Satellite Pro 4300, 4380

Toshiba pa2487ur-g Laptop Battery

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Item #: PA2487-8
1+ pieces: $49.97 ea.
2 - 4 pieces: $47.47 ea.
5 + pieces: $44.97 ea.
Regular price: $129.75
Sale price: $49.97
% Saved: 61%

Toshiba pa2487ur-g Battery for Toshiba Satellite 2100 Series

Compatible Parts Number for pa2487ur-g:

B404, PA2487, PA2487U, PA2487UG, PA2487UR, PA2487URG, PA2487UR-G,

PA2487URN, PA2487URP, PA3107, PA3107U, PA3107U-1BAS, PA3107U-1BRS

PA3827, PA3827U

Specifications for pa2487ur-g:

  • Li-ion 10.8V  4500mAh
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • 100% OEM compatible, Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications
  • Color: Black

Compatible Laptop Models for pa2487ur-g:

Dynabook T2 Series          Dynabook T3 Series          Dynabook T4 Series                      

Dynabook T5 Series          Dynabook T6 Series          Satellite 1400 Series

Satellite 1405                     Satellite 1410 Series          Satellite 1415                           

Satellite 1500 Series           Satellite 1800 Series          Satellite 1805            

Satellite 2410 Series           Satellite 250 Series            Satellite 2500

Satellite 2510                     Satellite 2515CDS             Satellite 2520                           

Satellite 2530                     Satellite 2535CD               Satellite 2535CDS

Satellite 2540                     Satellite 2545CDT             Satellite 2550                           

Satellite 2590                     Satellite 2595CDS             Satellite 2600 Series

Satellite 2610                     Satellite 2615DVD            Satellite 2650                           

Satellite 2670DVD             Satellite 2675DVD            Satellite 2700 Series                       

Satellite 2710                     Satellite 2715DVD            Satellite 2740

Satellite 2750                     Satellite 2750DVD            Satellite 2750XDVD                     

Satellite 2755DVD             Satellite 2755XDVD         Satellite 2770

Satellite 2770XDVD          Satellite 2775XDVD          Satellite 2800 Series                    

Satellite 2900 Series           Satellite 300 Series            Satellite 305 

Satellite 310CDS               Satellite 315CDS               Satellite 330

Satellite 310CDT               Satellite 315                       Satellite 315CD                    

Satellite 315CDT                Satellite 320                      Satellite 320CDS  

Satellite 320CT                  Satellite 325                       Satellite 325CDS  

Satellite 330CDS               Satellite 335                       Satellite 335CDS 

Satellite 400 Series             Satellite 4000                     Satellite 4000CDS 

Satellite 4005CDS              Satellite 4005CDT             Satellite 4010 

Satellite 4010CDT              Satellite 4015CDS             Satellite 4015CDT 

Satellite 4020CDT              Satellite 4025CDT             Satellite 4030 

Satellite 4030CDT              Satellite 4035CDT             Satellite 4060 

Satellite 4060XCDT           Satellite 4070                     Satellite 4070CDS 

Satellite 4080                      Satellite 4080XCDT          Satellite 4085XCDT 

Satellite 4090CDS              Satellite 4090XCDT          Satellite 4090XDVD 

Satellite 4100XCDT           Satellite 4100XDVD          Satellite 4100XDVD/6

Satellite 4200 Series           Satellite 4260                     Satellite 4280ZDVD 

Satellite 4320ZDVD           Satellite 4340ZDVD          Satellite 4360ZDVD 

Satellite 4400CDT              Satellite 4600 Series          Satellite 510 Series

Satellite 515CDS                Satellite Pro 1800              Satellite Pro 2100 

Satellite Pro 300                 Satellite Pro 400                Satellite Pro 400CDT 

Satellite Pro 405CDT         Satellite Pro 405CS           Satellite Pro 410CDT 

Satellite Pro 415CE            Satellite Pro 415CS           Satellite Pro 4200 

Satellite Pro 420CDT         Satellite Pro 4220              Satellite Pro 425CDS

Satellite Pro 425CDT         Satellite Pro 4260DVD      Satellite Pro 4280

Satellite Pro 4280XCDT    Satellite Pro 4280XDVD    Satellite Pro 4280ZDVD

Satellite Pro 4300               Satellite Pro 4300 Series    Satellite Pro 430CDS

Satellite Pro 430CDT         Satellite Pro 430CDX        Satellite Pro 4320

Satellite Pro 4320CDT       Satellite Pro 4340              Satellite Pro 4340XDVD

Satellite Pro 435CDS         Satellite Pro 435CDT        Satellite Pro 4360

Satellite Pro 4360XDVD    Satellite Pro 4380              Satellite Pro 440

Satellite Pro 440CDT         Satellite Pro 440CDX        Satellite Pro 445CDT

Satellite Pro 445CDX        Satellite Pro 450CDT         Satellite Pro 460

Satellite Pro 4600               Satellite Pro 460CDT        Satellite Pro 460CDX

Satellite Pro 465CDT         Satellite Pro 465CDX        Satellite Pro 470

Satellite Pro 470CDT         Satellite Pro 480                Satellite Pro 480CDT

Satellite Pro 480CDX         Satellite Pro 485CDT        Satellite Pro 485CDX

Satellite Pro 490                 Satellite Pro 490CDT        Satellite Pro 490CDX

Satellite Pro 490XCDT      Satellite Pro 495CDT         Satellite Pro 495CDX

Satellite T2100CDX           Satellite 320CDT               Satellite 325CDT  

Satellite 335CDT               Satellite 4000CDT             Satellite 4010CDS

Satellite 4020                     Satellite 4030CDS             Satellite 4060CDT

Satellite 4070CDT             Satellite 4090                     Satellite 4100 Series 

Satellite 4300 Series          Satellite 4400 Series           Satellite Pro 2100 Series

Satellite Pro 400CS           Satellite Pro 410CS            Satellite Pro 420CDS 

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Toshiba Laptop Battery pa2487ur-g for Satellite Pro 4300, 4380